I reiterate my offer - two tickets to center ice, club level Canes home game of your choosing. Playoffs would be a good time. Only cost would be getting here. I offer this because I enjoy your analysis and perspective on the game, which I have been listening too ever since the KK deal brought him to Carolina.

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Hi there,

I don't want to make myself the advocate for Cosentino (if I wrote his name correctly), but... about Mitchcov, maybe he couldn't say what he wanted to say. I've heard (...radio) that some think it was a murder. And, another time, that his father was talking (badly) about his contract. So... maybe he's a kind of prisoner of the Russian mafia (a.k.a. putin...), so... who knows how this "lesson" (apparently) will factor in. And, frankly, I have no idea if defection is a possibility, especially now.

As for scouts, they are all wrong from time to time... :)


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There is definitely a conversation to be had about the overall situation in Russia, Michkov's contract, and how that might all play out post-draft.

I just think hanging it out there that his dad died is really not the way to approach it. He also changed it afterwards, so it seemed Sportsnet agreed it was in bad taste once they got backlash over it.

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I for one really want bubbly Will Smith over slap-happy Will Smith

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